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My Desk

Story by Oren Teich August 29th, 2014

Getting a work space I’ve been happy with has been a long process. Years ago I bought a cheap ‘designer’ desk from an off-brand shop in Los Gatos that doesn’t exist anymore. It was narrow which fit my limited space well, and had two shelves above the desk providing a good bit of space for stuff.

Those shelves loomed. They were over my head when I sat at the desk, making me feel squashed down. The desk surface was small, making everything feel cramped.

For years I toyed with getting a new desk. I flirted with an Ikea Galant - bought one and had it for a few months before we moved house and I had to sell it. Somehow I kept coming back to my looming talk narrow slowly falling apart desk.


At Heroku we hired HR Goode’s to build a few furniture pieces. I liked how the stuff turned out, and better yet liked Jacob too. A year ago I broached the topic of building a desk for me. He was busy, I was busy, and time passed.

When we finally started, I had just one request - a clean clean clean work environment. I have some external HD, a USB hub, various crap that was cluttering up my desk. Let’s figure out some way to get it hidden away.


Jacob came up with a great design. The desk is made of 100 year old reclaimed pine. Not your normal wood for desks - it’s really soft. Soft enough that a fingernail will put a mark in it easily. This wood had some good history, salvaged from the new Heroku office I helped work on. The character of the wood shines through on the front especially.

A wire shelf underneath holds the electronics, with an amazing CNC milled cable pathway along the back edge to keep everything neat and tidy. I mounted my headphone amp with some velcro, and a clean desk is now mine.


I love the details. The wrapped steel around the wood. The counter-sunk hex bolts that hold the top in place. The juxtaposition of the steel and pine wood. Thanks Jacob for an amazing desk and a great place to work.