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Lawrence Hall of Science

Bugs, big ones.

Story by Oren Teich August 18th, 2014

On the recommendation of friends we visited the Lawrence Hall of Science over the weekend. Beckett is obsessed with bugs, spending a lot of time catching them, talking about them, talking _to_ them, and/or pretending to be one. LHS has an exhibit with some really big bugs going on through September 1. Some are 8+ feet long is my guess. They move and make noise. It’s kind of awesome.


Unexpectedly for a Saturday anywhere in the bay area, it was mostly empty. We arrived at 10am, left around noon, and it just felt awesome to have the place. Exhibits where available. Lots of space to play with things. Some AMAZING play areas with blocks, marbles and more. They have over 10,000 wooden blocks, and the kids working there were building some pretty amazing things since they didn’t need to hover over little ones.


Because it’s an hour away, we thought we’d try something new and setup for nap in the car in Berkeley, and continue to play after. After LHS we headed to a shady spot in tilden park, setup a bed in the back of the car, and tried for 45 min to get Beckett to nap. It didn’t work. WAY to exciting. Frustrated all around, we headed home and attempted an advanced parenting maneuver - the late nap. Amazingly he actually slept at 3:30pm till 5. And when he woke up, it turns out he was kind of happy.

Lawrence Hall of Science, Centennial Drive, Berkeley, CA, United States